I see no way out: There is always a way out!

Sometimes life feels hard. Everything seems so heavy, hopeless and pointless. The joy is gone. You feel powerless, desperate. Maybe, you feel like it would be better if you weren’t alive anymore? When we feel this way, we can’t even imagine that things can actually be different later. As you go forward, new perspectives, new possibilities open up in front of you. Your life can also become unlike what it has been so far. Talk about your problems Don’t be alone and let KJT help you. Call us right now or write to us. We are here for you. You are not alone.

What makes it this hard?

Countless problems, big or small, gather and accumulate without being sorted out. They make you feel like they will crush you. You feel small and powerless, it seems pointless to try to fight against it.

What can help you?

Isn’t it true that the idea of taking one’s own life isn’t really about being dead, but more the need to be free of one’s problems? The people who think about taking their lives in fact, really want to free themselves from their worries, their fears, their problems, and their grief.

There’s a part of you that is full of life and that fights this other part of you. This part can keep living but not like this. Try to find what needs to be changed in the first place, to make this joyful part of you stronger. What does this part of you want?

Try to take apart every individual problem that together have turned into this big mountain, examine them one by one. Maybe this seems difficult…

Try to stay active, even if it is hard. What can you do, exactly? With whom can you do it? What would you love to do? Maybe jogging, a fitness workout, walking a dog, reading an amazing book, talking with someone on the phone, sketching…? It can be that you really have to force yourself to do it, but you will see that it will change your mind and will do you some good.

It’s important that you know that you are not alone when it comes to suicidal thoughts. You cannot, in any way, feel guilty or ashamed. There are a lot of people that are confronted with these dark thoughts too. Even if it isn’t easy to talk to someone, everyone has said at some point of their lives that it did them some good to talk to someone honestly and openly, it provided a sense of relief. Take this step too. Don’t isolate yourself, talk. Is there someone to whom you can talk openly about your feelings? Try to trust and share your thoughts with someone. You can always call KJT or write to us.

Don’t stay alone!

If those suicidal thoughts keep following you wherever you go, don’t be alone. Talk with your family doctor, to your school’s SePAS, to a psychologist or a psychotherapist, to your parents or to someone you trust. You can also write to KJT or call us.

In case of emergency, call 112 and ask for a GSP (Groupe de Support Psychologique) advisor.

You are not the problem; you are just surrounded by problems right now. You are precious! Don’t give up on yourself! Even if you don’t see it, at this very moment, you are important to other people. You are not alone! We are here for you, and we are here with you.