Things are tense at home

Are there times in your family when you’d just like to disappear or run away? Do you have arguments about going out in the evening, getting up at the week-end, household chores or body jewellery? Perhaps you feel that your parents are clinging on to you and don’t accept the fact that you’re becoming an adult and independent.

The relationship between your parents can be another significant problem. Maybe your mother and father often argue or don’t speak to each other at all anymore. They both try to get you onto their side or bad-mouth each other. Your dad’s new girlfriend acts as if she was your mother and her children are spoilt. You certainly have not chosen this new family. You feel caught in the middle or you feel bad about it, for instance, if one of your parents has a new partner and the other one is still alone.

If you have brothers or sisters, maybe you know what it feels like to be compared to them. Another problem might be that one of your siblings is ill and consequently everything revolves around them with no one taking any notice of you. Or maybe you have to take on a lot of responsibilities with regard to your siblings.

A lot of the parental behaviour described above is not deliberate. Sometimes everything might get to be too much for them and possibly the situation will soon improve. However, it can be really annoying because your home doesn’t feel like a place where you want to be or where you can feel safe. Sometimes you might not know who to turn to to express your anger and frustration. Maybe you have good friends or grand-parents or even someone else who cares in your life, to whom you can speak.

But if that is not the case, or you would prefer to talk to someone anonymously, please remember that KJT exists. Our counsellors are there for you and will support you in all types of situations. You are not alone!

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