Separation / divorce

If your parents no longer talk to each other, argue more and more often and the atmosphere at home is constantly tense, you may ask yourself the following question: “Do my parents want to separate/divorce?” This triggers fear and uncertainty, worry, perhaps also anger and sadness. Often paired with the question “Is it my fault?”. No! When parents separate, it is between these two adults. As painful as it is at that moment and as much as you wish that everything would go back to “the way it was”, in the long run it is sometimes the right decision for parents not to be a couple any more. The fact that they are separating or divorcing doesn’t change the fact that they will continue to be your parents.

This is also a stressful time for parents: their own relationship is coming to an end, they feel hurt, overwhelmed, sad and don’t know where to go, maybe there is also a breach of trust and the feeling of being alone. All this in addition to the task of giving love and time to their own children and bearing responsibility for the children they now also care about: How will my child cope? How often will I still be allowed to see my child? What has he noticed, how will he feel when he hears us arguing? How will he feel when I am not there?

For everyone in the family, a separation or divorce is a very stressful and highly emotional time that may cause other conflicts that would not otherwise exist.

Anyone who finds themselves in such a difficult situation, you, your parents or even grandparents who are worried, should know that you are not alone in this.

The KJT services are there to offer advice and support: anyone can call or write and talk about it, ask their questions and express their worries. This helps you to sort yourself out, to take a fresh look at the whole thing so that you gradually feel better again.

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