My mum is always so sad ...

I wonder if my parents are still normal.

Do you feel that your mum or dad are behaving differently? Maybe you don’t really know her/him any other way but when your friend last visited, they asked what was wrong with your mum or dad.

Does your mother or father suddenly have frequent mood swings or do you feel they are more worried than usual? There are also parents who drink a lot of alcohol and that become very aggressive. When parents suddenly start behaving differently a lot of the time or they no longer do things that they used to do for you and your siblings, that is worrying. Sometimes you might also be embarrassed about what’s going on at home and you may try to hide it from your friends and your teachers. Maybe you try to replace your parents by helping more at home or by taking care of your siblings. On top of this, you try to get good results at school.

You may be afraid of the consequences of people knowing how your mum or dad really are. All this can be very scary and confusing for you. Maybe you also feel that you are responsible or that it is your fault? One thing needs to be said, you are not responsible for the functioning of your family.

Just as our body can get sick, so can our soul. But even during this difficult time, there is help available for you and your parents. Because of illness, your parent may not be able to look after you as you need and deserve. Everyone can have a bad day but if this continues, it is important for you and your parents to get help.

With us you can chat, phone or write. We will do this together.