Online and offline can no longer be separated from each other in life.

You use your PC, tablet or mobile phone every day, you are “on”. The devices allow you to stay in touch with friends, play online – alone or with others – exchange information about school, listen to music and much more.

In life, things can always go wrong and hurt you. This can be teasing or stupid sayings that come across your smartphone, perhaps jokes and pictures are shared that make you uncomfortable, or someone calls you names directly.

If taunts, insults, (unpleasant) allegations, threats and threats of violence accumulate on your PC, tablet or smartphone, you feel repeatedly violated and the person(s) deliberately continue with it, then it can be called cyberbullying.

You may find it difficult to talk about this situation. You may feel ashamed or hope that it will stop on its own. You may be unsure or disoriented about what is happening.

Do you notice any of these signs in yourself:

Lack of energy, trouble sleeping, change in your eating habits, headaches, stomach aches, nausea, spending more time than usual online, withdrawing, becoming aggressive at home, feeling anxious after being online or reading a text message, your school performance suddenly dropping, being less willing to talk about daily activities, spending less time with friends?

Whether your situation is bullying or something else – if you are not feeling well, talk to someone about it!

It takes courage to take this step. Maybe you are afraid? Or you are angry at yourself? We are here for you! We offer you a safe place where you can talk about your specific situation anonymously and confidentially – on the phone, in the chat or in online counselling. We help you take the first step towards a better future.

Don’t stay alone!