Friendship is a subject that concerns us all, and you have almost certainly had many experiences in this area. Probably you’ve been an important reference person for someone or you’ve been able to call yourself someone’s best friend, and you know exactly the amazing feeling that gave you.

On the other hand, you probably also know how hurt you can get if you enter into a deep relationship with someone. It is not uncommon for expectations of a friendship to be different or that someone feels that they are investing more in the relationship than they are getting back.

If you have succeeded in maintaining a friendship since kindergarten and you still get on well, that is already quite an achievement! But it is also normal that after a time and in the course of your life you meet new people who become important to you, while old friendships can become less intense and you eventually lose touch with each other.

Such a defining moment, for example, could be the first day of high school. Even though in sixth grade you still went to school and did everything together, things might change in the seventh grade. Perhaps you go to different schools, meet new people, have new hobbies and different points of view. Sometimes that can lead to jealousy or you drift apart and go your separate ways.

If you are going through such a time, if you are disappointed by the behaviour of a friend or you feel angry towards them, then you’ve come to the right place! KJT can be your friend when you need someone to talk to, to write to or to listen to you.

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