Unfortunately, the Elterentelefon 26 64 05 55 is not yet available in English. Please contact the Online Help

Elterentelefon is a telephone counselling and information service that provides parents and other interested parties with fast, competent and anonymous support in the often difficult area of child-rearing.

It offers parents, grandparents and anyone responsible for children and young people advice and counselling on parenting issues, as well as support and suggestions in stressful situations.

The focus is not on intervention, but on clarification, guidance, information and self-help. Elterentelefon provides an opportunity for exchange between parents and their children or with other support structures.

Your contact persons at Elterentelefon are qualified and well-trained professionals and volunteers. All counsellors receive regular supervision and further training to support them in their counselling work.

It goes without saying that, as at the Kanner-Jugendtelefon, all conversations at the Elterentelefon are anonymous and confidential. All counsellors are committed to maintaining this confidentiality.

Opening hours

Any call is welcome!

The Elterentelefon number is 26 64 05 55