Hey you – we are also on TIK TOK

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Despite being around for more than 30 years, we are once again catapulting ourselves into the new digital age.

We have already successfully hijacked Facebook, YouTube and Instagram.

Now it’s time for us to entertain, inform and educate you on various topics on TikTok, currently your favourite platform.

We regularly post articles that might appeal to YOU and help you regain courage and confidence.

Follow us there. You are also welcome to give us feedback on our posts, for example through comments or by leaving us a heart.

We look forward to spending time with YOU in the social media world.

Important: Give yourself a break too! It has been scientifically proven that a high consumption of digital media can have a negative impact on well-being.

If YOU don’t know how a social media detox (i.e. consciously abstaining from social media with the aim of promoting mental well-being) should work, we are of course also on hand to advise YOU and look for solutions for your individual situation.

We look forward to accompanying and supporting you with your topic.

Mom, Dad, do you have to take a photo of me again? And post it, too?

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