Daddy beats me!

Violence can manifest in many different forms: physical, psychological, sexual and financial. It can sometimes be online or even offline. Even negligence can be a manifestation of violence.

(Junge) Those who have suffered violence as youth in whatever the form, feel belittled, powerless and lonely. Violence can leave scars, not just physically but also those which are not visible but more psychological. Fear and insecurity are constant companions. Regular nightmares of the situation lead to sleep deprivation. It is the body's attempt to process the trauma. People who experience violence are constantly suspicious. Questions and thoughts plague the mind - Should I run away? Can I defend myself? Why me ? What am I doing wrong? Is it my fault ? Who will help me? How do I get out of this situation?

There is always someone you can turn to, even if it does not seem likely at the time. It takes a lot of courage and will to overcome fear, helplessness, feelings of guilt and shame. Sometimes it takes more than a try.

Don't be alone, talk to someone! Maybe you are in a similar situation or you have a friend you would like to help. You can talk to us, anonymously and confidentially:

Every child and young person has the right to protection, help and support and to a life free from violence. You can speak up for your rights, for yourself or for a friend. Talking to us or talking to someone you trust is often an important first step, which is not so easy.

Parents can also help in such a situation or when they see it in other children or adults. You can request advice anonymously and confidentially from the parent helpline 26 64 05 55.

If a person's life is in great danger, please contact the 112 emergency call center or the 113 police.