It’s all too much for me!

School, exams, deadlines, working on your assignments, annoying parents or siblings, stressful situations with friends, no time to do anything at all, the agitation, Corona, … STRESS! PRESSURE! I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE!

When everything falls into place, you have the impression that you are facing a mountain that you cannot conquer – you are too small, too weak. You notice you have problems concentrating. Your thoughts just keep circling around and around – day and night, the kind that doesn’t let you really sleep. You head turns with everything going on. You really want to say STOP.

If you notice that you are tense and nervous, that you are easily annoyed and sad, don’t stay alone. Talk with someone. Talking, it helps! Try to take on an inner journey with someone, try to see exactly what these issues are that created such a big mountain. Maybe, this will help you approach certain things in a different way, to establish priorities, put certain issues in a secondary plane in order to focus on the true issues that lie within yourself.

Life is full of changes. You are changing. And that’s a good thing. Even if sometimes it is a challenge that doesn’t exactly came at the right moment. Most times, it doesn’t really come at the right moment. Because you need to have the energy to adapt, to let it sink in. Sometimes, you need new strategies.

When you feel that the mountain is blocking you; that your thoughts don’t give you any relief and turn you head round and round, that a wave of problems and feelings threaten to submerge you; that you feel that you are losing control, …

Don’t be alone in all of this! It’s easier if two people share the burden. Confide in someone. Your parents, a friend, your grand-mother, your grand-father, an aunt, an uncle, a teacher, a neighbour, or us! We are here for you! Call us or write to us! 116111 or online.

We are here for you! Call us or write to us!