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The English-language helpline,"Elterentelefon”, is now open every Monday evening from 6pm to 8pm

The KJT “Elterentelefon” is a telephone helpline. We offer counselling, guidance and information to parents, grandparents and other adults with responsibility for children and young people.

Raising a child can be challenging. If you are looking for advice and counselling on parenting or adult/child relationship issues, or support and practical suggestions to help you through stressful situations, we are here for you. Our role is to listen with the aim of understanding your situation, to guide you, provide useful information and orient you towards further professional or self-help options.

The “Elterentelefon” helpline can facilitate communication and exchanges between adults and young people, and/or with other support structures in Luxembourg.

All KJT counsellors working on the “Elterentelefon” helpline are qualified, well-trained professionals. We are committed to maintaining confidentiality and receive regular supervision and further training to support us in our work.

Our services are anonymous and completely free of charge.

Opening hours

All calls are welcome!

Elterentelefon phone number is 8002 4444