If you have a question…

If you have a problem…

Send us a request using the form on this page.

It’s anonymous: no need to give your name or your address.

It’s confidential: we won’t share what you talk about.

When sending a request, choose a nickname (login name), give your age and state whether you’re a mother or father.

Once you have sent off your request, a window will open up where we will recap your Login Name and you will receive an unique code (number for your request).

To view a response from a counselor, all you need is your Nick Name and the unique code: so memorize them well!


To ask a question

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Parents Telephone is a listening service, which gives advices and information by phone, easy to access, competent and anonymous.

Unfortunately, this service is only available in German and French.

For further information in German please click here, in French please click here.