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Parenting is wonderful, sometimes it´s hard.


The (KJT) Kanner-Jugendtelefon has been in existence since 1992, a national counselling service that has expanded and adapted its services over the last few years. The founders were concerned about the well-being of children and young people. This has not changed up to this day.
It became apparent that parents repeatedly called the 116111 helpline for children and young people and sought advice, and a real need for advice from parents was evident over the years.
In order to meet this need, the Parents' phone was set up in 2007. The Parents' phone allows parents to call anonymously and confidentially, in an uncomplicated and direct manner, without waiting times.

Parents have their own questions and needs. Sometimes a little advice, a short exchange, a suggestion, a brief orientation is all that is needed to encourage and allow them to pursue the important task of education in these turbulent times in a more relaxed way. Sometimes a conversation on the Parents' phone is helpful, but also ground breaking. When the perspective has narrowed and communication in the family is down to zero, the phone counselling can open doors to each other again. The Parents’ phone gives parents orientation, support and points out options for action. We offer concrete advice but can also help to find a social institution that can help.

1718 parents were advised since the foundation. Parents' questions about their children run through all age categories. Uncertainties in parenting behaviour with small children or puberty is a particular challenge for parents. Parents are worried when children and adolescents change their behaviour, e.g. withdraw, suddenly become unavailable. "My daughter is so unfocused..." You want to know if the behavioural problems are normal or worrying, what you can do? "My son doesn't talk to us at all anymore..." Parents are under a lot of pressure with school problems. "My son withdraws more and more from us, he doesn't want to go to school anymore. We have tried everything... "  In the context of separation and divorce, insecure parents seek advice, too, they want the best for their child and are looking for answers on how to classify the behaviour of their children. Again and again parents contact us about situations of abuse and violence. These are particularly serious cases of bullying and cyberbullying. Parents experience themselves helpless and are afraid for their children, who often express suicidal thoughts. Some parents report violent conflicts and arguments between a parent and their own child, often escalating into violence. The trigger for these serious conflicts is often the lack of affordable housing for young adults, which would allow separation from the family.

On the Parents' phone, a team of advisors provides advice based on systemic family therapy. The team is made up of specially trained volunteer counsellors and professionals (psychologists/educators). The consulting services have proven their worth over the years and are in increasing demand, whether it be in times of crisis, on holiday or in regular times. We are available at any time throughout the year.
Now, for the first time since its foundation, the Parents' phone is presenting itself in a new guise. New posters point out the service and invite parents to take advantage of the non-bureaucratic offer. Every father and mother can feel addressed. Also grandparents or professionals, everyone who has to do with children and young people is welcome at the Parents' phone. Every thought, every worry, every question, every fear is welcome, according to the motto "The better off the parents, the better off the children". Everyone can be overwhelmed at some point in a situation. It is responsible to become aware of this and to seek help. Through counselling difficult situations can be understood and assessed better. This helps to master challenges and these usually grow with the children. The new poster with the inscription: "Eltere sinn ass wonnerschéin, heiansdo net einfach" (“Being a parent is wonderful, and sometimes not easy”) encourages to get support at any time.

The new poster as well as the new flyer will be sent to interested parties. www.kjt.lu


Parents are always welcome on the Parents' phone! This way they not only strengthen themselves, but also the entire family. Give it a try, call us: 26 64 05 55. We are available from Monday to Friday from 9 am to noon, and Wednesdays from 5 pm to 8 pm. Counselling offered in Luxembourgish, German and French. You can also contact our Online Help for parents, for counselling in English.

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