BOD Post Card Summer

In spite of Corona, you have finished the school year and the summer holidays have arrived. However, some of you may be wondering what those holidays will look like. The number of infections has increased again in recent weeks and we all remember the possible consequences of this. Especially now that you can have free time, it would be a great pity. Whether travelling is an option or not is a little unclear.
Some of the things you are looking forward to could be on the verge of falling into the water. But that doesn't mean that your holiday can't be enjoyable anyway! We are, after all, talking about summer holiday! During these two months you can do a lot of things and pick up on things that needed to be left out before. You may discover new places that are not far from home. All this without having to travel far. If you really can't travel, it also means that all your friends will stay at home.

In any case, the Kanner-Jugendtelefon is at your disposal during the summer holidays as well. Don't stay alone if you are worried or if something is bothering you.

The Kanner-Jugendtelefon team wishes everyone a wonderful summer holiday.